Pretty crazy website but I really dig it. I love the utilization of the side-scroller approach here tied together with the story and visual storytelling it's pretty awesome. The illustrations are crude almost, but that's a stylistic choise for sure, it works really well too. The animations are pretty good and the parallax really helps sell the animation/atmosphere. Really great stuff and super smart way to tell a story. It's not at all appropriate for many scenarios but every once in a while it's nice to find something like this that works really well.

Gene Crawford - Editor & Producer of and the conference.

Ruth Campaign

Reality LA wanted a whimsical campaign to re-introduce the biblical story account of a women named Ruth. We created a visual interface that allowed the user to “walk” Ruth through a biographical account of her own story. As well as layering connectivity to extended serial video content throughout the series.


We employed the latest in HTML5, CSS3, jQuery to create a rich and unique user experience.


Ruth had thousands of visitors within the first two weeks of launch as well as hundreds of collective Facebook likes and Twitter tweets.

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